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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it possible. We arrange air freights of branded products such as Xiaomi. apple, mezu and others from Hong Kong and we guarantee that this cargo will not remain at customs.

Yes, within the realities . If you have set a limit for the cost of goods, we will be searching for the necessary products with your target price. However, you must remember that a suppliers from China have a big difference in price for a product and it has reason. As a rule, cheaper products have lower quality and they haven't certificates of conformity or other permits. When searching for a supplier, we check all these factors and purchase test samples for examination.

If I have order from different suppliers?

We have consolidated all of the your cargo in our warehouse at China, after its full inspection and preparation we send it to your destination.

We will organize the release of the product with your own brand. We will find the best supplier with the optimal price and quality of products. We'll develop the corporate identity and packing of the product. Website or e-commerce store, advertising materials for your product and promo companies at the Internet. All of that we will take over step by step

Yes, we do it. We will provide cargo insurance with 100% insurance coverage for the entire duration of the shipping.

You will make a payment to our company in the currency of your country and we conclude the international contract with the supplier and make money transfers.

Yes, we personally visit potential suppliers and meeting with the CEO, inspect the production, check the goods for compliance with international standards. Our employees communicate with suppliers with supplier's native language to exclude the language barrier and some possible misunderstandings

We can do it with all kind of transports like an airplane, ship, railway, truck, helicopter and itc.

Yes we have it. Ours company has a partner's license

Yes, we have our own trading house. A lot of deals has one contract between our customer and our company without other suppliers

Our fees is 2-4% but doesn't less than $ 400

All calculations are made individually based on the weight and size characteristics of the cargo, terms of delivery by Incoterms, delivery methods and customs clearance

Yes, we have an affiliate program that allows you to quickly get all the non-tariff documentation with reasonable prices.