Worldwide Trucking

Our experts have developed the optimal route for transporting your cargo. We will arrange loading and unloading, we will take care of cargo insurance and customs clearance.

We provide next types of transport:

  • Eurotents 82 – 150 m3
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Jumbo Mega Trailer
  • Container platforms 20 ″, 40 ″, 40 ″ HC, RE, OT

The trucking is cost-effective decision for different type of cargo

Why choose Us

You can always get up-to-date information about the location of your goods and get comprehensive advice on all emerging issues at all stages of transportation,

Partnership network
Partnership network

We have reliable partnerships network with worldwide truck cargo companies


We will create transportation route has been developed with minimum price

Total control
Total control

Expedition and cargo control along the entire route from point "A" to point "B"

Do it profitably

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