Outsourcing of foreign trade activities

We will be your reliable FTA-agent

DassLogisitcs will become a reliable FTA-agent. Foreign economic activity requires knowledge and experience, not only in logistics, but also in the customs clearance of exporting countries. You can read a lot of articles about this, but is doesn’t matter. FTA has “pitfalls” that no one writes about it. Beginners often faced with problems of transportation or international contracts an afterwards loose their time and money.

DassLogistics provides next services:

  • Conclusion of foreign economic contracts;
  • Payment to the supplier;
  • Assistance for obtaining established permits;
  • Registration of shipping documentation;
  • Delivery of goods from different regions of the world;
  • Customs clearance and charges of governments;
  • Transfer of cargo to the customer (bank transfer payments from b2b).

What is interesting of FTA-agent?

We have long time of experience with contract documentation. The terms of the contract should be focused not so much on the counter-parties of the foreign trade transaction as on the requirements for registration of customs, banking, tax authorities.

You don’t need have a staff providing international logistics. Just choose the supplier and determined with the order of the necessary products. You can concentration for your business activity and saving of time, finances, management’s control.

You will not a risks of inspections, blocking accounts by bank and other difficulties by state bodies that control the sphere of foreign economic activity, the tax and customs.

Why Choose Us

Extensive experience in resolving any issues related to the customs clearance of goods. DassLogisitcs are experienced professionals who know all the subtleties of customs legislation, monitor its changes.

Cost optimization
Cost optimization

Minimization of the costs of acquisition and delivery of goods saving your money for full-time specialists

All according to the law
All according to the law

Conduct your foreign trade transactions in the legislative and in the currency of your country

Risk reduction
Risk reduction

Possibility to conclude new contracts with foreign partners without risks

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can. We do it for the most purchases. Because international contracts have difficulties and are monitored by currency control. We organize purchases through our company by filling out all the necessary documents in accordance with the law.

Yes, we can. Our experts can visit the factories of you need and check the history of the company as well as the quality of the products sold.

Do you do customs clearance?

Yes, we do. We are provide both transportation and customs clearance services