Your private

Your own brand products

So, you have decided to produce goods with your private label. This type of products is an excellent solution, since you get independence from the reputation of the supplier and more cost-effective commodiies. You will start a work for your reputation not for other.

The organize own production is difficult task. This are requires large financial and time resources. Equipment, workers, training and licenses, this are to long and expansive.

If you need own products, that don’t mean that you need your own factory. You can produce it at other factory.

We will find the suitable factory for you.

Our company will help you find a factory and conclude a manufacturing contract. Our company has a digital department and can develops the corporate identity of your product. We’ll do it from logo and packaging to e-commerce website and promo-video. We will also develop a marketing strategy for online advertising and promoting a new brand.

You can choose: use your logo on existing products of the internal market or create a completely new product with your own design. You don’t need to big order for launch your own product.

Why choose Us

We can agree with factory about putting on the logo on your product with order from 1000 pcs. We will help you to create your product from first step to it’s sells.

All of aspects
All of aspects

Private Label "on a turn-key basis" from pack to sell

Digital department
Digital department

Develop a marketing strategy for the sale and promotion of goods

Better conditions
Better conditions

Following negotiation with factories and get the best conditions

Frequently asked Questions

It is all depends on the type of product and manufacturer. Some manufacturers are agree to apply your own logo to a product from order by 1000 units. Some providers from 500,000 thousand. Everything is individually.

Our team will develop a packaging for you and agrees it with you. The supplier will pack your product in the packaging we developed. Packaging will also be made in China.

Will the factory data be on the packaging?

No, only your organization’s data will be at your packaging

Yes, most products can be changed externally, from color to materials used in the production.

Yes, suppliers would start works after prepaid. We can agree on a phased payment: 50% front payment and other 50% after final production and quality check.