Search for a supplier and purchase of goods

Search For A Supplier And Purchase Of Goods from China, Korea and Japan

When you are want purchase of some goods for your business, a lot of people looking for Chinese suppliers. Pricing in the Chinese market looks attractive for businessmen’s from different countries. However, many customers has a problems with order from China.

Common problems

  • Seller disappears after receiving the front payment. A lot of businessmen’s use websites like an «alibaba» or same other. This are websites is an aggregators of different offers and no more. They can’t verify all of supplier. Therefore, many offers are not real.
  • Photos of commodities is different from the real one. Chinese manufacturers often post other seller’s photo, more attractive photos than their product.
  •  Non quality goods. Some of the goods has perfect appearance but inside it’s like a garbage and has parts of badly quality.

How we choose suppliers for goods.

  • We collect detailed information about the required product. We analyse offers and search a manufacturers who can production it.
  • We gather commercial offers from different factories and analyse the cost of goods and capacity for each factories.
  • We check potential producers through the tax authorities of the China and find out their business history. We also check the availability of documents and all type of licenses for the production and products export and their compliance with worldwide quality standards.
  • We are personal visit more suitable factories and have been collecting samples and sending it to you, if it is necessary.
  • We are choose the best offer and conclusion of the contract between factory and our company. We take all possible risks to us.
  • We make production’s control and check the quality of goods at all stages of production and we have ruled and exclude defective items
  • We find optimal route to the your destination and ship your order with approved way. DassLogisitcs also can help you with customs clearance if you need it.

Why choose Us

We continue to pursue that same vision in today’s complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! During that time, we’ve become expert in freight transportation by air and all its related services. We work closely with all major airlines around the world.

Transparent prices
Transparent prices

The cost of goods is known in advance and it does not change in the process.

Absence of a language barrier
Absence of a language barrier

Our experts and manufacturers speak the same language

Cost of goods
Cost of goods

We will find a supplier who has the best price and appropriate quality.

Frequently asked Questions

It usually takes 3-10 days to find a supplier. This is includes searching for factories that are able to produce the goods of you need, collecting commerce offers, choosing the best candidates, checking companies through tax and other regulatory authorities and a personal visit to the factories.

No, we also work with small factories that are oriented to the domestic market. The supplier must meets the necessary criteria such as: product quality, a clean history of the company, product compliance with international standards.

What language are you use for negotiating with the supplier?

We are use supplier's language. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English it is depending at the country of manufacture. our specialist communicates in the native language of the supplier in order to eliminate language barriers and possible misunderstandings.

China's market is unique in terms of pricing. Externally identical products has very different prices. The cost may varyble from 10 to 120%. As a rule the cheapest product variations are a low-quality product that does not meet any standards. To choose a good supplier, you need to see the history of the company, check them factory, check the quality of products and all export license and documentations.

Yes we do. If you are planning a big order of a product you must be sure in it and personally see the quality from potential suppliers. If you can see it you will insure yourself against buying a "pig in a poke", because you will receive product of your personaly select.

Chinese sites, such as: Alibaba, Aliexpress and others are aggregators where not all of the products were published by suppliers. On such sites a lot of fraudsters, resellers and false information. Among other things, the legitimacy of a given production has an important role. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many restrained their factories for the production of masks, gloves, thermometers, and respirators. But such companies don't have licenses for the production and export of medical equipment. Their product has not certification and doesn't have suitable quality standards. But such products have a very low cost and a lot of international companies are confronted with problems afterwards.